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With Europe removing travel and health restrictions, the Window Shop crew decided to look at traveling though Europe by car. This exciting (ahem) episode is built around finding the right vehicle and the right drive route. That’s right, it’s in two parts. Find the right car, and then propose the right European adventure for it. Now, let’s consider something else.

Tony Quiroga
, Detroit Tigers fan, small-dog enthusiast, and owner of at least two German vehicles, has recently been elevated to a new position at Car and Driver. He is now Editor-in-Chief of both the paper magazine and this continuously updated website. Alas, the title is a bit of a disappointment to his mother, who expected he would be named “Potentate,” “Archduke,” or “Night-Shift Manager.” But, well, he’s still not a dictator or royalty and the Winchell’s Donuts must have lost his application. Every life comes with at least a few disappointments.

In addition to the new boss, this Window Shop experience features the charming Elana Scherr, the endearing Jonathon Ramsey, the darling K.C. Colwell, and some guy who has never ever been hired by Car and Driver. Play along at home.

And join all of us in graciously congratulating TQ on his ascension. The sports book at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has opened several fascinating prop bets on exactly what he’ll do in the new job. Wager responsibly.

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