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  • Cadillac shared images of the 2022 Lyriq ahead of its debut on August 6.
  • The images show off a light-up logo and a rather large charging port panel.
  • The Lyriq will be the first GM electric vehicle to use the company’s new Ultium battery packs.

    Cadillac’s first EV is a week away from being unveiled and the automaker dropped a few images of the upcoming vehicle that show off the vehicle’s charging port. We can also see the large panel that opens for access to the port, and a light-up Cadillac logo. The crossover will be the first from GM to use the company’s Ultium battery packs that will permeate the company’s lineup of electric vehicles.

    In the photos and very short video teaser, we get a glimpse of the 2022 Lyriq’s driver’s-side fender and door and the rather large charging port panel. It seems that Cadillac has come up with a system that moves the rear portion of the front fender to reveal the port and a Tron-esque lighting graphic that presumably shows the power being directed to the battery pack at the base of the vehicle.

    Cadillac also showed off how the brand’s crest badge is part of the vehicle’s startup sequence. Turn on the Lyriq and those outside the car get a little Cadillac rave. Finally, the images show what appear to be large multi-spoke wheels. The design is striking, while the aerodynamic design could potentially help to boost the EVs range estimate.

    The Cadillac Lyric will be unveiled on August 6 starting at 7 p.m. Eastern time.

    cadillac lyriq celebrates a new design language for the cadillac brand, one that is assertive, expressive and modern


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