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The Cadillac Celestiq is a special, low-volume vehicle from Cadillac, and the customization process for anybody who orders one is set to be just as special. Cadillac announced today that it will offer a unique, dedicated facility called the Cadillac House at Vanderbilt where Celestiq buyers will meet and collaborate with the Cadillac design team to personalize their car.

Where is the Cadillac House? Well, it’s in exotic Warren, Mich. We jest, but yes, it’s located on GM’s Global Technical Center campus in Warren, and it appears to be a rather fancy-looking house. At the Vanderbilt House, Celestiq buyers will be walked through a “design consultation process” with Cadillac concierge. You’ll have access to Cadillac design team members, and Caddy promises clients “an extraordinary variety of commission options, ensuring every desire for their vehicle can be fulfilled.”

The single-story house is located to provide a panoramic view of the GM design dome, a lake, the Alexander Calder fountain and GM’s newest design building. Photos tell the story of its interior. It looks rather posh and upscale, featuring swatches, paint colors and trim options galore. Of course, there’s a Celestiq sitting in there, too.

In case you were wondering where the “Vanderbilt” name comes from, GM says it named the house after Suzanne Vanderbilt, a designer who worked for GM between 1955 and 1977. She’s credited with the design for both the 1958 Eldorado Seville Coupe and the Cadillac Saxony convertible. Vanderbilt also worked to improve interior safety and mentored the next generation of woman designers in her time at GM.

Cadillac says that Celestiq clients around the world are invited to participate in their car’s customization at the Cadillac House, but if they prefer to do so virtually, Cadillac is ensuring they get similar access and care as those who show up in Warren. Cars are expected to be delivered in late spring of 2024, and the first meetings will precede that in summer of this year.

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