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The new 2023 BMW M2 is only just hitting the streets, and it’s an amazing sports coupe. But it won’t be the top 2 for long it seems, since there’s already an even more serious M2 CS on the way. That’s based on these spy photos showing off an M2 with more aggressive aerodynamic parts.

Up front is a much lower and deeper chin spoiler. And then at the back, there’s a tall ducktail spoiler. Both of which make the car look sportier and likely provide a bit more downforce.

Surprisingly, that seems to be the extent of the visible modifications. It appears to have the same wheels and brakes as the regular M2, and it doesn’t seem to be any wider. The diffuser and rockers don’t have any changes, nor does the hood. It certainly looks tamer than the treatment used on the M3 CS.

But we expect things are hotter under the skin. It will almost certainly have more power. Something matching the regular M3 and M4 would seem reasonable, and if it ends up matching the base versions of those with 473 horsepower, it may even still have a manual transmission (since those get it, too). But it’s also possible BMW will go for even more and possibly restrict it to an automatic for the absolute fastest shifts. After all, it will be the hottest M2 (or at least until BMW decides to do something like a CSL version). 

There will surely be chassis upgrades, too: retuned suspension from springs and shocks to chassis braces. Weight will probably be down, too, thanks to some removed parts and some lightweight materials, if the M3 CS is anything to go by.

This M2 CS prototype looks like it’s fairly complete, but based on the CS and CSL releases for the M3 and M4, it could be a year, possibly two before it launches. And naturally, expect a healthy price increase for the upgrades.

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