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Aston Martin has revealed a new one-off commission crafted by its Q division, a gorgeous and powerful carbon-fiber-bodied tribute to the original Vantage of the 1970s. Called the Victor, it’s based on the company’s One-77 supercar from 2011, with a reworked, 848-horsepower version of that car’s naturally aspirated V-12, sending power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission.

The engine—a 7.3-liter unit that originally made “just” 760 horsepower—was sent back to its original designers at Cosworth, which squeezed nearly 90 more horses out of it without having to turn to forced induction. Torque is up slightly, too, at 606 lb-ft versus the previous 553. The gearbox, supplied by Graziano, needs two dedicated coolers and a custom motorsport clutch to handle all the power.

Underpinning the car’s structure is the One-77’s carbon fiber monocoque. But this is far from just a reskinned One-77. The suspension uses inboard springs and dampers from Aston’s track-only Vulcan, adjustable six ways. The body itself is all carbon fiber, painted in a color called Pentland Green. Inside, the driver is greeted by a custom carbon fiber dash with a Vuclan-esque race-inspired steering wheel.

The unique rear end has a built-in lip spoiler and taillights inspired by the Vulcan, while the front fascia is a mixture of the Vulcan’s long, sweeping hood and the original Vantage’s round headlights—part modern, part retro. The center-lock wheels hide carbon ceramic Brembo brakes measuring 15 inches in the front and 14.1 inches in the rear.

As for the name, it’s a tribute to Victor Gauntlett, the former boss of Aston Martin who was in charge when the original Vantage made its debut.

Aston hasn’t disclosed the cost of the one-off Victor, nor has the company revealed the name of the lucky owner. Considering the car’s ultra-rare One-77 origins and all of the custom work done, we wouldn’t be surprised to find out its price ran well into seven figures. We hope the owner gets the most from their money and drives the hell out of the thing.

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