We only got a look at three of the cars up for consideration for last night's Hot Wheels Legends Tour leg. And the winning car wasn't one of them. Fortunately, Hot Wheels gave us some photos and a couple of details on the winner today. It's a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona called "Scraptona," and it sounds like a monster.

From the outside, Scraptona looks like a tired old NASCAR with a bunch of mismatched body panels. But that body is actually widened to accommodate extra fat tires. It also has a chin spoiler at the front, and headlights are tucked in the openings that would've had pop-up units. Inside, the cabin is totally bare save for a roll cage, aluminum bucket seats, metal steering wheel and an LCD instrument cluster.

The ratty body hides some impressive mechanical bits. In the engine bay is a Richard Petty Racing NASCAR V8 making 740 horsepower. It apparently revs to 8,300 rpm, too. It's connected to a manual transmission, and we think we spy a quick-change rear end, so you can swap out final drive ratios easily. And the wide, low-profile tires we mentioned earlier makes us think this Charger might be as good in the corners as it is in straight lines.

There are more Hot Wheels Legends Tour events coming throughout the year. The winners of each leg will compete against each other to become an actual Hot Wheels toy car.

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