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We’ve seen 2025 Mini Cooper Hardtops under heavy camouflage for a couple of years now, and even got a look at an undisguised one. But a spy photographer came across an uncovered example at a photo shoot in Los Angeles, and it’s our best look at the little hatchback.

This particular one is the Mini Cooper SE, which will be among the first of the new generation since it’s electric. Like the current SE, it has a lime-green “S” badge. It seems like one of the few obvious cues that it’s the sporty electric model, since the hood scoop has vanished. It retains a version of the extra large front grille surround of the current cars. The whole shape of the car, including the wraparound glass and contrasting roof, are very obviously Mini.

There are interesting detail changes along the sides. The door handles are flush-fit like new BMWs. And the contrasting black plastic fender flares are gone, a trademark cue of Minis since their reintroduction to the U.S. in the early 2000s. There isn’t even a nod to a front fender vent or badge, either. It’s been simplified significantly.

The tail also has big changes. The rear hatch encompasses the rear taillights. Those lights are triangular and still feature a Union Jack motif, but it’s a little more obscured. A band with the model name joins the two across the hatch.

This new Mini is expected to launch in May of next year. A base version with 181 horsepower and the SE with 215 horsepower are reportedly on the way, along with two battery packs with either 40 or 54 kWh. And there will be gas-powered versions, but they’ll arrive a little later.

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