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It’s easy to poke fun at Toyota for its absurdly long product lifecycles with vehicles like the Tundra, Sequoia, and Tacoma, but Nissan is one of the biggest offenders. The Frontier had been on sale without a significant update for a decade before its recent overhaul, and the GT-R has been around even longer, only receiving tech and slight appearance updates since its introduction in 2009. The 2024 model carries on with that tradition, but it’s getting a more-than-$4,000 price hike and will be sold in super limited numbers.

The 2024 GT-R will start at $120,990 when it hits dealers’ lots this spring. The midrange T-spec trim starts at $140,990, and the top NISMO model gets a staggering $220,990 starting price. Though the car isn’t drastically different from the year before, Nissan said it updated the front and rear fascias, rear wing, and other body components for better aerodynamics and downforce.

Though ridiculously expensive, the 2024 GT-R gets a few unique touches that may help justify its price tag – at least to diehard fans. Two exclusive colors for the T-spec trim are available: Millenium Jade and the legendary Midnight Purple color first seen on the R34 GT-R V-Spec.

Today’s crazy vehicle prices make the GT-R’s six-figure base MSRP seem somewhat reasonable for the performance, but a look back at the pricing in the late 2000s is a good reality check. The GT-R used to start at less than $70,000, but a 2009 price increase drove the base number closer to $80,000. It’s been a wild ride since then, as prices have steadily increased to the sky-high numbers we see today.

Having said that, the time to buy a GT-R is running out. Nissan discontinued the car in Europe and skipped the 2022 model year in the United States. The automaker has express plans to go electric, and the GT-R is widely expected to follow suit for the upcoming R36 generation, so the chance to get the twin-turbo V6-powered Godzilla is slipping away quickly.

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