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Maserati revealed the new GranTurismo’s interior earlier this week — but wait, there’s more. Just shown is a special launch edition of the GranTurismo that goes by PrimaSerie. If you recall the MC20 Cielo’s reveal, that model was also launched with a PrimaSerie special edition model. This GranTurismo follows the trend, but in a slightly different package.

To celebrate 75 years of Maserati, this model’s full, official name is the PrimaSerie 75th Anniversary. In keeping with the “75” theme, Maserati plans on building four sets of 75 matching cars — each of the four sets has its own, unique appearance. That means there will be a total of 300 GranTurismo PrimaSerie models.

Pictured here are the two Trofeo models — powered by Maserati’s Nettuno V6 engine — that will be available. The gray car is technically Grigio Lamiera Matte, and the black car is finished in a paint Maserati calls Nero Scarabeo Matte. If you opt for the Grigio Lamiera PrimaSerie, it’s paired with Corse Red accents on the logos, scripts, air vents, wheels and interior stitching. The 75th anniversary logo can be seen on the wheels, and if you look inside, it’ll be on the headrests, too. Go for the matte black option, and this one is paired with Mint Green accents all over the exterior and interior. Despite the paint color of the cars being rather subtle shades, all the colorful accents on these special editions make them not-so-subtle.

Not pictured yet are the Folgore PrimaSerie options. Maserati says the two special editions for the electric GranTurismo will be painted in either Rame (a copper-like color) or Blu Inchiostro (blue).

Pricing isn’t out for these PrimaSerie models, but Maserati allows you to express interest for the Trofeo models on its website. Opting for one of the launch editions would make you one of the first owners of the redesigned GranTurismo when it comes out.

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