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  • The 2023 Tesla Model S and Model X add a $3000 Ultra Red paint option, which replaces the previous $2K red paint.
  • Both Teslas also add a newly designed glass roof that’s said to weigh less and let in more light, albeit with the same UV protection.
  • Plaid models add new brake pads that have a higher thermal capacity than before—they’re also still without the carbon-ceramic kit Tesla promised.

For folks who want the prettiest red paint on their 2023 Tesla Model S or Model X, they’ll have to shell out $3000. That’s the price of the new Ultra Red paint option that Tesla offers on its two largest models.

The new red paint replaces the $2000 Red Multi-Coat option that’s still available on the Model 3 and the Model Y. The higher-priced color on the Model S and X arrives just days after Tesla marked down each by about $5000 and $10K, respectively. However, Tesla gives both of them minor updates too.

Is It Getting Hot in Here?

Outside of the new prettier-but-pricier paint, the Model S and X add a newly designed glass roof that’s said to weigh less than the one it replaces. Shaving weight off the top could help lower the two Teslas’ center of gravity, which in turn could improve their handling.

On the other hand, we we’re not thrilled with the idea of a glass roof that’s said to allow five-times more light into the cabin. Tesla claims it provides the the same amount of UV protection as the old one, so we’ll just have to wait to sit in one on a piping-hot sunny day to find out.

Give Us a Brake

On the bright side (pun intended), the high-performance Plaid variants of the Model S and Model X now have improved brake pads. Tesla claims the new pads offer a higher thermal capacity than the old ones.

2023 tesla model s plaid


From what we can decipher off of Tesla’s Twitter, the update only affects the brake pads, leaving the standard rotors and calipers unchanged. We’ve criticized the stock brakes on the Model S Plaid before, so we’re happy to see improvements (no matter how minor). Still, it’s worth noting Tesla has yet to introduce the track-capable carbon-ceramic brake option the company promised is on the way.

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