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A BMW dealer in France posted a teaser for the all-new BMW X1. The German storefront in Charrier Cholet invited guests to a pre-premiere event on Monday, May 2, which suggests the official reveal for the coming compact crossover can’t be far away. Since the X1 is the Bavarian version of the Mini Countryman, many of the changes coming to the third-generation Clubman will make their way to the third-gen X1. The BMW has been predicted to gain 6.3 inches over the current generation; if that happens, the gap between the new X1 and the current X3 will shrink to four inches.    

Much of the length is thought to occur inside the wheelbase. Both the X1 and Clubman will ride on an evolution of BMW’s UKL/FAAR front-wheel drive, and although the new cars power the front axle as always, the platform needs to make room for the battery packs and motors that will power pure-electric versions of both cars. The battery-electric X1 will be called the iX1, thought to be available with a pack of up to 74 kWh and a range up to 250 miles on the WLTP cycle. Unlike the Countryman, however, the BMW is still expected to get a PHEV powertrain for the next generation.

Spy photos over the past couple of years have revealed 1 Series prototypes with an overall more mature design, larger kidney grilles above triangular front intakes, a curvier rear with thinner taillights, and an available quad exhaust on the 2.0-liter turbocharged M Performance trim that bestows xDrive AWD on the 1 Series.

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