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2022 honda civic type r spied

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  • This is the next-generation Honda Civic Type R, spied testing in prototype form.
  • The car’s front-end camouflage seems like it’s tricking us into thinking we’re looking at some sort of BMW.
  • We’re pretty sure this is our first look at the new eleventh-generation Honda Civic, which could debut later this year.

    The Honda Civic Type R has hardly gotten stale yet, but it appears that Honda is already working on the next version of its extreme hot hatchback. These spy photos show a Civic prototype that has the unmistakable wing and aggressive wheels and tires of a Type R. And, disregarding the cheeky camouflage that attempts to make the front end look BMW-esque, this appears to be our first glance at the all-new 11th-generation Civic lineup that should begin arriving later this year.

    The current Civic has been around since 2015, so this new model is right on schedule. We’re used to seeing the normal Civic sedan and coupe before the high-performance variants take shape, but it appears that Honda is flipping the script this time around. This new Type R’s hatchback shape doesn’t seem all that different, but the reshaped headlights and taillights give it away as a new model. We can also see that the interior looks completely different, with its new steering wheel design and a tablet-style infotainment display sticking out of the dashboard.

    We’re hoping that the new Civic ends up looking a bit less tortured than its predecessor, although due to the camouflage it’s hard to tell if it sports smoother lines or not. Its proportions do appear slightly lower and wider in these photos. Honda tends to alternate between revolution and evolution for successive generations of the Civic, so because the tenth-gen model was such a departure looks-wise, we think the 11th-gen won’t rock the boat too much in terms of design.

    Although we’re seeing this Type R model before any other versions of the new Civic, we suspect more information will come out soon about the lesser Civics. As Honda is wont to do, the company may show a “concept” version of the Civic that’s really a thinly veiled production car. The new 2021 Civic sedan and coupe may arrive as soon as this fall, if everything remains on track. Because the Type R’s yellow Special Edition model is already designated as a 2021 model, we probably won’t see the new hot hatch until next year when it arrives as a 2022 model.

    2022 honda civic type r spied

    KGP PhotographyCar and Driver

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