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The whole 2021 Volvo lineup is getting a light freshening, but changes to the S90, V90, and V90 Cross Country go a little deeper than just fresh tech. We’ll walk you through all the models, but let’s start with what’s new for every 2021 Volvo.

No matter the model, every 2021 Volvo will now come standard with blind spot warning (with steer assist), rear cross-traffic alert, full-LED active-bending headlights with auto brights, power-retractable auto-dimming side mirrors, a new “Care Key” (can limit top speed) and two USB-C outlets for the rear passengers to replace the 12-volt outlet. Heated wiper blades have been axed from the whole Volvo lineup. Additionally, a new feature called “Connected Safety” is standard for 2021. It allows Volvos to communicate with each other on the road with two different alerts. A Slippery Road Alert is sent to nearby Volvo drivers if one Volvo detects a low-traction area, and a Hazard Light Alert is sent to approaching Volvos if there’s a Volvo ahead with its hazard lights on. It’s weird, but on brand for Volvo and its penchant for safety. The last change that applies to every Volvo is the new 112-mph top speed limiter. We’ve written about this before, but it’s officially going into effect for all 2021 Volvos.

Now, onto the S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country updates. Nearly every change applies to all three models. They get a new grille and bumpers front and rear for a fresh look. The change isn’t exactly revolutionary, as they all look very similar to their pre-facelift designs. We’ll point out that Volvo has adopted a hidden exhaust tip look for the rear, so you can’t even see the exhaust exit anymore — the pipes are hiding under the rear bumper. Other notable changes include a new taillight design with a welcome pattern, different trunk lid design on the S90 and a new spoiler on the V90 and V90 Cross Country. Volvo also deleted the plastic molding on the side of the Cross Country to give it a cleaner look. You get new wheels all around, added wireless charging capability and new interior trim options, too. 

Prices for the trio are similar year-to-year, except for the plug-in hybrid S90 Recharge model (re-branded from T8). It’s $61,045, which is $3,795 less expensive than it was last year. If you want one of the special-order-only V90 wagons, it’ll cost you $52,795 for the T5, or $58,795 for the T6. Similar to the Cross Country version, it’s a hair cheaper in the new year. Go buy a wagon!

The rest of the 2021 updates are less obvious, but Volvo has managed to make most models more desirable. Volvo’s reorganization of the T8 line into the “Recharge” line has brought prices downward with it. An XC90 Recharge is $3,550 cheaper than a 2020 XC90 T8 Momentum. It’s equipped like the Momentum trim, too, but Volvo has added a number of standard features for 2021. Those include a wireless phone charger, front park assist, headlight cleaners and new 19-inch wheels. You’ll notice that the R-Design also has a new gloss black grille surround.

The S60, V60 and XC60 add keyless entry as standard with illuminated door handles and a power release (hands-free) hatch/trunk lid. Lastly, the XC40 comes standard with leather seats (heated if all-wheel drive) and rear park assist now.

On the options front, Volvo has updated the optional Bowers & Wilkins audio system with new “Continuum” speaker cones, new tweeters and a new amplifier. Interior color/trim packages are now branded as “Rooms” and come as pre-selected combinations. This means fewer choices and configurations, but Volvo thinks its designers have the best options available. Look out for 2021 Volvo metal to start rolling into dealers soon.

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