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It turns out that Brabus isn’t the only German tuner that’s ready to customize the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC. Another company, Hofele Design, has revealed its own take on the electric luxury crossover, which was also destined for Geneva before the show was canceled. The design is subtle, but it’s always encouraging to see companies interested in modifying electric cars.

Most of the EQC’s body is unchanged. Unlike the Brabus, the Hofele EQC uses the more aggressive AMG-Line body kit as a starting point. The contrasting grille surround and rear diffuser area have been matched to the Mercedes-spec “Alubeam” silver paint, giving it a more unique look. The only custom body pieces we see are the grille insert, which replaces the Mercedes slats for black vertical bars, and the Hofele-designed turbine-engine style wheels.

The inside is also relatively stock except for the upholstery. The seats and most other surfaces have been recovered in leather with a spiffy diamond pattern. The company notes the interior leather was selected by the owner, so it will likely finish a car however the customer prefers.

As for when and where you can get a Hofele customized EQC, the company hasn’t said. It hasn’t said anything about pricing yet, either. We suspect most customers will be in Germany or Europe, and pricing will probably be high and variable on how much is customized.

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