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The 2019 Ford Edge has many appealing features. Its sleek design is something that may specifically stand out to most car buyers. There are now 10 different Ford Edge colors to choose from on the exterior and a few shades offered for the interior, as well. With so many color options available, people are eager to choose their favorite and start showing off their attractive new vehicle. Luckily, they have a large selection of quality colors to choose from.

Available Color Options for the 2019 Ford Edge Exterior

When selecting your desired color for the 2019 Ford Edge’s exterior, you have 10 different options. Unfortunately, there are some colors that are only available for certain trim levels. According to Car Buying Strategies, the colors available on all four models are:

  • Ingot silver metallic
  • Magnetic metallic
  • Agate black metallic

    Each of these colors contains a sleek, dark design. Since these colors offer more basic gray and black shades, they may not be the best option for someone searching for a more colorful look.

    As stated by Brandon Ford, all the available color options, depending on the trim level you choose, are:

    • Blue metallic
    • Ruby red
    • Magnetic
    • Baltic sea green
    • Ford performance blue
    • Agate black
    • White platinum
    • Ingot silver
    • Burgundy velvet
    • Stone gray

      If you want to expand beyond the monochromatic look, you can browse higher trim levels with more colorful options. One option is a Baltic sea green metallic color, which is a base color of gray with a green tint. The ruby red metallic tinted clear coat is a darker and more mysterious look you can choose. Both of these colors are available on the SEL and Titanium models. Ruby red metallic is available on the ST level, while Baltic sea green is not.

      To continue with a sleek feel, the SE, SEL, and Titanium Ford Edge models are available in a stone gray metallic color that gives off more of an off-brown gray shade. For people who’d rather purchase a white car, the Oxford white color scheme gives a more luxurious vibe. This is available in the SE and SEL trims levels.

      The SEL and Titanium models offer a burgundy velvet metallic tinted clearcoat that gives off a deep and rugged look to add more style to the overall exterior. For a deep blue hue, take a look at the SE, SEL, and Titanium models that sport a blue metallic color. Another shade available in blue is the Ford performance blue metallic color featured on the ST model. This blue is brighter than the basic blue metallic color to accent a more vibrant look.

      Available Color Options for the 2019 Ford Edge Interior

      According to Cars Direct, though the interior of the 2019 Ford Edge offers a decent amount of colors, it has slightly fewer options than the exterior. There are four total interior colors available depending on the trim level you select. The most standard options available on every trim level is an ebony color. In the SE and SEL trim levels, you can choose a subtle light gray shade.

      If a darker shade sounds more visually appealing, the Titanium model has a dark dune color available. For a color that stands out from the rest, the Titanium trim level also offers a luxurious cognac color, which is a smooth mixture of deep red, brown, and gold shades.

      Are There Other Color Options Available for the 2019 Ford Edge?

      The 2019 Ford Edge doesn’t offer other colors or shades. Though the Ford Edge offers a fairly large amount of colors, it seems to lack in overall variety as many of the colors feature more monochromatic tints.

      The same applies to the interior. Though there are four color options available, most of the models only have two interior colors available for each trim. The ST trim, in particular, is only available in an ebony color.

      Due to the lack of color variety, it could be beneficial for Ford to release more available color options or to provide more than two interior colors for each trim level. If the 2019 Ford Edge had more than just black and gray variations, its stylish look could drastically improve. That being said, Ford does seems to grant a luxurious and classic look and feel with the colors they do offer.

      Color Options Available for the 2020 Ford Edge

      If you’re searching for a midsize SUV crossover, the 2020 Ford Edge is a comfortable and stylish option, as stated by Go Hansel. Ford gave this car a decent amount of updates from the 2019 model, such as automatic, dual-zone climate control. It’s available in four trims: the ST, SEL, SE, and Titanium. Inside the car, you have a large selection of premium upholstery. The exterior of the vehicle is also available in various shades.

      There are nine colors to choose from on the exterior of the 2020 Ford Edge:

      • Burgundy velvet
      • Star white
      • Dark Persian green
      • Rapid red
      • Agate black
      • Magnetic
      • Iconic silver
      • Atlas blue
      • Desert gold

        The sportiest Ford Edge trim is the ST model. You can purchase this model in six different colors: iconic silver, agate black, magnetic, Ford performance blue, rapid red, and star white.

        What Is Standard on the Ford Edge?

        As listed on the 2020 Ford Edge offers many high-tech amenities. Some of them include:

        • 8-inch touchscreen
        • Wi-Fi hotspot
        • Sync 3 infotainment system
        • Apple CarPlay
        • Dual USB ports
        • Android Auto smartphone integration

          In addition to its impressive technology, the 2020 Ford Edge also includes safety features to make all passengers feel safe and confident on the road. These safety features include:

          • Rear cross-traffic alert
          • Blind-spot monitoring
          • Lane-keeping assist
          • Automatic braking
          • Rearview camera
          • Forward-collision warning

            2020 Ford Edge SE Colors

            The vehicle’s exterior is available in the following colors:

            • Desert gold metallic
            • Agate black
            • Iconic silver metallic
            • Dark Persian green metallic
            • Rapid red metallic with a tinted clearcoat
            • Atlas blue metallic
            • Magnetic metallic
            • Ford performance blue metallic
            • Burgundy velvet metallic with a tinted clearcoat
            • Star white metallic tri-coat
            • Oxford white

              The interior of the 2020 Ford Edge is available in ebony, soft ceramic, and dune colors.









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