Any Nissan GT-R is desirable to fans of Japan domestic market (JDM) cars, but this one is especially interesting because Nissan produced only 64 V-Spec N1 examples of the GT-R.

Each of the 64 came with the same Crystal White paint.

For those who want to bid, or those who want to sit back and enjoy the auction unfold, bidding for this 1994 Skyline GT-R V-Spec N1 will close Wednesday, July 20.

    The GT-R name is one of those titans of the JDM industry, sitting up there with the best of them. After a short run from 1969 to 1973, the GT-R nameplate disappeared for 16 years. Nissan decided to revive the name in 1989 as part of its quest to dominate Group A racing. That's the back story of this very limited-edition V-Spec N1 version of the GT-R that is currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer (which, like Car and Driver, is part of Hearst Autos).

    Officially, the newest generation was referred to as E-BNR32; colloquially, it was shortened to R32. As much success as the R32 found in sanctioned races, it found even more street racing in the mountains of Japan. Initial D anime fans will recall Takeshi Nakazato and the NightKids, with the black V-Spec II.

    With the R32 dominating the Group A race series, Nissan set out to find success in the showroom class of Group N. Of the original N1, Nissan produced 118, as well as 64 in V (for Victory) Spec. The only R32 with fewer models made by Nissan was the V-Spec II, of which 63 examples were produced.

    1994 nissan skyline gtr vspec n1

    Bring a Trailer

    Power is produced by the famous twin-turbocharged RB26 inline-six, connected to a five-speed manual transmission. You’ll need to get comfortable rowing gears with your left hand because each and every one of these JDM legends is right-hand drive.

    Since Group N regulations are more strict than most of their counterparts, Nissan was limited in how they could modify the base GT-R. What they could do is save as much weight as possible. All 245 N1 GT-Rs were painted in the same Crystal White paint (code 326). Nissan reportedly saved almost 10 pounds by applying such a thin layer of paint, rather than the four-stage process used on other GT-Rs. Other dietary restrictions included no rear wiper, no floor mat for the trunk, no stereo or sound system, and lighter headlights. The original buyer of this GT-R went for the optional A/C, meaning the list of amenities in this car is up to three, with automatic climate controls and power windows also on that list. The only modification for this car is an HKS EVC boost controller.

    1994 nissan skyline gtr vspec n1

    Bring a Trailer

    If you ask me, the winning bidder should be immediately accepted into the ranks of the Myogi NightKids, with some mountain pass drifting in their future. Meanwhile, with two days to go until the end of bidding on July 20, the price is up to $66,666.

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